Teaching Links

Hello Teachers!

Check out these Web 2.0 Technologies to help engage students in classes.  Book a class in the lab and the Teacher-Librarian can help you shape an assignment to use them.


Check out the full selection of Web 2.0 tools from the TDSB Virtual Library here.
Remember :

  • Students have access to their Home Drives (H:) through Academic Workspace from home (aw.tdsb.on.ca)
  • Students can access their Google Drive which is a hard drive “on the cloud” (internet) that they can access from home (15Gigs free storage)

Student have access to both the real-time editors on Google doc (MS Word) and spreadsheet (Excel)


Student response system using smartphones and the web.


Very easy to use website-building program. Great for summative or group research projects.


Wikis allow students to contribute on a communal page (similar to wikipedia). Good for summative research projects.


Easy way to make visually-dynamic posters on the web. Summative collages, alternative ways of presentation.


Great alternative to google presentations or powerpoint. More dynamic and aesthetically arresting presentations using zoom in/out visuals.


Classic bibliography generator. Students can keep track of different projects and all their sources.


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