Booking Procedure

library photo01

Where is the Bloor Summer Library LC?

The library is located on the 2nd floor near Exit #5.  Look for the doors labeled “Resource Centre”.

What’s available?


► 16 desktop computers

► 30 netbooks with wireless access

► wireless router (for students with laptops)

► Projector and DVD-equipped laptop for Teacher-Librarian & Classroom Teacher collaborative lesson

► Teacher-Librarian in-class support

► Wide, open-space to support larger classes


  1. Please email the TL  (bloorsummerschool [at] gmail.com) with your assignment at least two days in advance to take full advantage of our resources
  2. See Terence in the lab to book your class (a calendar of booked classes to come). Booking Sign up sample.
  3. Consider using the Authentic Assignment sheet to help craft your assignments.  Note that some software (audacity, photostory) may not be available.



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