Study Tips

chatAsk the Teacher-Librarian
Ask the Teacher-Librarian a research question or contact Mr. Go – see form below, or email bloorsummerschool [at] gmail.com

► Where can I find information on ______?
► How do I format my paper in MLA (English, Humanities) or in APA (Sciences)?
► How do I create a properly formatted Works Cited page?

Useful Links

Research Process

01studentresearchguide1Green Research Guide (ask Teacher-Librarian for the password): includes tips on formatting Works Cited pages.

Notetaking with the Digital Organizer

  • click to open the digital notetaking sheet
  • click pull-down menu File (top) then download to save as Word file or
  • Make a copy into your Google Drive (log in using your firstname.lastname@student.tdsb.on.ca – you may have to go through aw.tdsb.on.ca if you have a common name (e.g., joe.lee19@student.tdsb.on.ca)


Work on the Cloud

Icon_AWAcademic Workspace:  Did you know that, through aw.tdsb.on.ca, you have access to your TDSB Homedrive and your own TDSB Google Drive/Docs? Click on the link and log in as you would to a computer (see Mr. Go to reset your password).

Google-Drive-iconGoogle Drive:  once you know your firstname.lastname@student.tdsb.on.ca address, you can access Google Drive directly by going to tdsb.drive.google.com and entering this address in the username field.  You will then be prompted for your TDSB user/pass.

Time Management

assignment_calculatorAssignment Calculator – PLAN AHEAD!  Plug in your due dates and get suggestions on breaking up your project timelines.


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