Bloor Collegiate Institute Summer School 2013

1141 Bloor Street W. Toronto  Main Office: (416) 393-1420

Principal: Donna Drummond             Vice Principal: Bruno Berto

                  Summer School Schedule: July 2nd,2013 8:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. to July 26th 2013

Morning Classes:  8:45– 11:45 a.m.
Lunch:  11:45-12:30
Afternoon Classes:  12:30 – 3:30 p.m.




Bloor Collegiate summer school offers a demanding, intensive 90 hour full credit course that is condensed from the 110 hours regular day school curriculum. It is imperative that you come to school every day on time, prepared to work and participate in class. You are allowed up to two absences for emergencies; however, you will be demitted from the course on your third absence. If you are late three times, it will count as a full absence.

Safe Schools Statement

Bloor Collegiate Institute Summer School is committed to the provision of a safe and orderly environment in which staff and students can learn and work effectively. The Toronto District School Board will not tolerate any anti-social or violent behaviour, which impacts on learning environments.


  • must have PHOTO IDENTIFICATION with them at all times (it is suggested to have your day school student card).
  • must wear appropriate clothing – no dew rags, no bandanas, no hats, and appropriate attire.
  • must not operate a blackberry/cell phone/pager in the academic areas of the school.
  • must not bring visitors (friends or family) to school.
  • must not wear roller blades or bring bicycles into the school, skateboarding on school property is prohibited.
  • must not play music in the school.
  • prohibits smoking on school property.

A reminder: Under the Ontario Tobacco Control Act all smoking on school property is banned. Persons convicted of holding/smoking lighted tobacco on school property will be subject to a fine of $325.

Toronto District School Board:

The TDSB believes that there should be severe consequences for inappropriate behaviour.  Bloor Collegiate Institute Summer School:

  • prohibits the possession or presence of weapons on Board property.
  • will not tolerate harmful, threatening or actual acts of violence or other unlawful acts.
  • will not tolerate verbal abuse in any form.
  • will not tolerate the presence of any intruder or any activity which places the safety of its students, visitors or employees at risk.
  • prohibits the possession or use of alcohol on Board property.
  • prohibits the possession or use of, or trafficking of any controlled or harmful substances on Board property.

STUDENT CODE of CONDUCT                                                     (page 2)


When rules are broken appropriate consequences will follow. The range of consequences includes: verbal reprimands and warnings, detentions, voluntary withdrawals, suspensions and expulsions.

Full Disclosure

You may drop the course without your mark showing on your transcript before Friday, July 19th. After this date your course and mark will appear on your transcript even if you withdraw from the course.

Respect for Others

It is expected that every person in the school will be free from harassment by others for any reason, including ethnic, sexual, religious, socioeconomic, physical and intellectual differences. Students are expected to behave appropriately so that they do not interfere with the rights of other students to receive an education. Students are expected to follow the directions of the teaching staff, the administration, and the members of the non-teaching staff, and to be courteous and respectful towards these persons. Students are to carry their I.D. card (from their day school) at all times and, if asked to identify themselves or to report to the office or to accompany a staff member to the office, they are expected to do so.


Vandalism is any willful act on the part of a student to deface or destroy the property of others, and includes writing on desks, textbooks, lockers, and walls. Damage to, or destruction of, the property of others, or theft on school property will not be tolerated and may result in suspension. Students who destroy or deface school property will be responsible for its restoration or replacement. Tampering with fire alarms or safety equipment will result in suspension and/or criminal charges.


You will have no access to the lockers at Bloor Collegiate Institute.  Personal valuables should be kept with you at all times and should not be left in the classroom.

Library Times

The library will be open from Tuesday, July 2nd -July 24th. Classes can be booked into the space during the day by the subject teacher.  It is open during the lunch hour for students to utilize the computers and space to complete work from the morning or afternoon class.







Welcome to the Toronto District School Board Secondary Summer School..  Your success is important to us.  Our goal is for you to attend class each day to learn and to achieve a credit.  The Summer school program is intense – it covers the same material as the day school program.  You should plan for homework after each class to prepare yourself for work at the next class.


The following guidelines have been put together so that you know clearly what is expected of you at summer school.  If you have any questions, please speak to your teacher, the vice-principal or principal.


Use of Personal Communication Devices


All personal communication devices will be powered off and stored out of view during the instructional class.  Students may use their electronic devices in the non academic areas of the school.



Regular attendance and punctuality are critical for success at summer school.  A strict policy is in place.  Students who miss three classes will be withdrawn from the course.

Course Material

Textbooks for summer school will be provided.  Students are responsible for the care of their loaned texts and must return their textbooks prior to close of the program.   Students must pay the full replacement cost for lost or damaged books.

Daily Schedule

Morning classes begin promptly at 8:45 a.m.   Afternoon classes begin promptly at 12:30 p.m.  All students are expected to attend for the fully scheduled class time each day.  Lunch begins at 11:45 a.m.  No Cafeteria service is available.  No other breaks are scheduled during the day.

Evaluation Policy

At the beginning of your course, your teacher will give you a handout and review with you how your final mark will be calculated.  If you have any questions about the evaluation policy, ask your teacher.  You must come in to sign for and check your final mark as well as pick up your report card on the last day of the course.  If you think your final mark is incorrect, you must ask about it before the end of the course and no later than the last day.


Every student must take part in evaluative activities as scheduled.  You will be informed of these dates and times the first week of summer school.  No provision will be made for any student to be evaluated at any time, location or date other than as scheduled.

Student Conduct:


The Ministry of Education and Training requires all schools to enunciate a code that is consistent with Ministry and Board policies and provides clear expectations with regards to acceptable and unacceptable behaviours.     Students whose inappropriate behaviour prevents others from learning will be removed.  You should be aware of the following:

.              Dress:  Be sure you dress appropriately for an academic setting.  Headgear like hats, bandanas, etc. is not allowed.  Inappropriate clothing (e.g. T-shirts with offensive slogans) is unacceptable.  Anything deemed to be a weapon (e.g. chains, neck collars, wrist bands, rings with spikes) are not allowed.

.              Drugs & Alcohol, Smoking, Gambling:  Under no circumstances is smoking, gambling, or the use of alcohol and drugs tolerated on school property.  Any student in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be withdrawn.

.              Race & Sex Equity:  TDSB condemns and will not tolerate any expression of racial/ethnic or sex bias in any form by administration, staff or students.  Verbal exchanges that include racially and ethnically or sexually derogatory terms will not be tolerated under any circumstances (fighting, harassment, extortion).

.              Willful damage to property and vandalism will result in appropriate actions being taken.

.              It is the responsibility of the students to keep the environment of the host school as clean as possible.  You are not allowed to eat or drink in classrooms or in the halls (except for bottled water).

.              Fire Alarms:  If the fire alarm sounds, you must leave the building according to your teacher’s direction.  It is a criminal offence to tamper with alarms or fire equipment.

.              Proper language is to be used at all times.  Foul and obscene language will not be tolerated.

.              The use of electronic devices such as cell phones, pagers, laser pointers,  are not permitted in the classroom.  If they ring or are used in the classroom, students must surrender them to the office for safekeeping.

.              Plagiarism (passing off of someone’s work as your own):  students who plagiarize on an oral or written assignment will receive a mark of zero for that assignment.

.              Visitors:  The Summer School program is an intensive learning experience.  Visitors are not allowed at Summer School.  Please do not invite or plan to see friends during school hours.

.              Parking:  Guidelines for the parking of student cars will be explained to students at the first assembly.

Failure to adhere to the  above standards may result in the following consequences:   interview by appropriate school personnel; parent involvement; removal of privileges; detention;  restitution for damages; behavioural contracts and counselling; police involvement; removal from program.