Ms. Carver

Cancer Summative Project

Start General:

BRITANNICA001“Cancer” Article from Britannica Online (UN/PW from library).

  • Cite this article by pressing “Ctrl End” and jumping to the bottom of the piece to find the Works Cited entry.  Remember that Sciences use APA format.
  • Use this reference resource to decide which Cancer on which you wish to focus
  • Once you have decided, gather search keywords to plug into a more detail database (e.g., Science Reference Centre)
  • Click the Related tab and then click the “Web’s Best Sites” on the left panel.

Go specific:

sci_refScience Reference Centre

  • Use the search keywords you found from the more general Britannica article and plug them into this database to find more detailed, specific articles on your type of cancer.
  • Consider boolean search terms to narrow your search such as AND (e.g., cancer AND brain)

External Websites

healthcanadaCancer Page from Health Canada

canadian_cancer_societyCanadian Cancer Society – Non-for-profit raising awareness about the disease.


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