Check in with Ms. Bassey, our counsellor, for your Guidance needs.

Remember that Friday, July 19th is Full Disclosure Day.  Any courses not dropped before this date will remain on your transcript.

 Hello Grade 12 Students!!!

Are you going to University or College next school year?

Here are useful Websites with information on Financial Aid.

  • www.studentawards.com for information on scholarships. There might be free money out there for you.
  • www.CanLearn.ca For Information on Canada Student Loans and Grants.  This is a Federal Government site.  There are useful information on planning and funding for university.

You can also see guidance for more details.

Plan your Future

myBlueprint  – Great resource to plan the courses you need to lead to the profession you want

General Fields

ON-ministry-of-trainingOntario Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities – great resource on researching career paths.


Non-for-profit Jobs

  • Charityvillage.com – “the Canadian nonprofit sector’s largest and most popular online resource for recruiting, news and how-to information.”

Eco-friendly/Green Jobs




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