Academic Honesty


  • to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own
  • to use (another’s production) without crediting the source
  • to commit literary theft
  • to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source


Avoid plagiarism by following these steps:

Step #1.  Use the Digital Notetaking & Source Log (DNS)* to

  • a) gather information (source material),
  • b) record your thoughts on that material, and then
  • c) put it in your own words

*Some courses have a tailored DNS Log so check your class page or consult the Teacher-Librarian.

Step #2.  Create a Works Cited Page by using Easybib.com

  • 01studentresearchguide1consult the Green Guide:
  • ☺ p56: Sample MLA format
    ☺ p71+: MLA vs. APA formats and how to format Works Cited page
    ☺ p76:  MLA Works Cited entry for Website (e.g., online essay from a database)

    ☺ p75:  MLA Works Cited entry for Electronic Periodical (e.g., online essay from a database)
  • Use easybib-logo Easybib bibliography generator to assist.  Create a user account to keep track of all your projects, and then export to Word.  Use the manual entry and be sure to check all your final results against the Green Resarch Guide.

Step #3.

  • Synthesize (put together) your recorded thoughts, notes, and direct cited quotations
  • If citing from a website, cite this way:
  • ” __________________” (<Origin>)
    • where <origin> is the author or
    • Website company (if author is unavailable) or
    • “Title of Webpage Article” (look at the top of the page/frame) – note this is in quotations
    • Title of Website – italicized.
  • example:  A teacher must have “a professional degree, the Bachelor of Education” (“High School Teacher”)
    • This was taken from the article “High School Teacher” from the Career Cruising site.
  • When the reader tries to find the source of the quotation, he/she should easily find the entry under “High School Teacher” in your Works Cited page).

Check out these other resources on Academic Honesty

from earlhaig.ca/library


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